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chrome.runtime.onMessage.addListenerでイベントリスナーを登録。bgmessageという名前のメッセージの場合、コンソールに表示します。 バックグラウンドページを呼び出すにはchrome.runtime.getBackgroundPageを使います。 Deprecated since Chrome 35. Active 2 months ago. 这时,只有另一端监听chrome.runtime.Port.onDisconnect事件,则可以知道连接关闭。 3) Google Chrome扩展程序之间消息模式. These events are of type MessageEvent and will be called when the worker's parent receives a message (i.e. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. ; When content.js receives the event, it grabs the URL of the first link on the page. Use chrome.gcm to enable apps and extensions to send and receive messages through the Google Cloud Messaging Service. Similar to runtime.connect, but only sends a single request with an optional response.The extension.onRequest event is fired in each page of the extension. It's a (theoretically) simple extension, which just does one thing: On tab opening (without clicking the extension icon), it's supposed to look at the page DOM, and hide a particular div. From some articles on Stack Overflow, I decided on a pattern: Learn more . But chrome.tabs can only be used by background.js, so we’ll have to add some more message passing since background.js can open the tab, but can’t grab the URL. Sample Extension Commands extension Press Ctrl+Shift+F to open the browser action popup, press Ctrl+Shift+Y to send an event.

... Maybe you know answer, when I send message from popup.js and background is inactive, then onMessage listener in background.js not fired. from the … Please use runtime.sendMessage.. Sends a single request to other listeners within the extension.

Permissions: "gcm" Learn More: Implementing GCM Client on Chrome Ask Question Asked 2 years, 11 months ago. The onmessage property of the Worker interface represents an EventHandler, that is a function to be called when the message event occurs. Passing a message from a website to a Chrome Extension is not routine job. Here’s the idea: Listen for a click on the browser action in background.js.When it’s clicked, send a clicked_browser_action event to content.js. I'm working on my first Chrome extension. chrome.extension 可以被任意扩展页使用。它提供通信支持,包括扩展与content script之间、扩展与扩展之间,具体的细节见Message Passing。 为content script提供支持.
Chrome Extension : 事件交互实例 (消息传递, sendMessage,connect,onConnect,onMessage) By Gideon Google / Facebook / Amazon / Twitter / Network , Javascript /Jquery / Bootstrap / Web 0 Comments Not only the communication between a specific piece of code from the browser to a specific browser is unusual, it is also confusing by the potential type of extension. Availability: Since Chrome 35. In this article, I’ll focus on an extension that goes into the Chrome Extension Developer tools. * APIs不同,chrome.extension的部分功能可以被content script使用: sendMessage() 和 onMessage Message passing of Chrome Extension example. 与其他的 chrome. 还可以在不同的Google Chrome扩展程序之间发送消息,只要知道Google Chrome扩展程序的ID。这使得Google Chrome扩展程序可以发布服务为其他扩展程序所用。 chrome.runtime.onMessage response with async await. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets.